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TheraStone Massage
A TheraStone Massage treatment is a lot like a traditional swedish massage treatment but with a  few difference. Instead of using their hands, the therapists use heated or cooled stones to perform massage therapy techniques. The stones basically become a warm extension of the therapists hands.  In a TheraStone treatment patients recieve the benefits of both massage and hydrotherapy.

Therapy Specific TheraStone Massage
When warmed, the heat given by the stones warms the muscles & quickly relaxes the client, allowing therapists to do deeper, more specific work. Using only part of the stone set, treatment focuses on a specific area of the body (eg: Back & Neck) perfect for those chronic problem areas.

Relaxation TheraStone Massage
This form of massage is ultimate in stress relief. Smoothly polished basalt stones are first heated & then gradually incorporated into soothing massage techniques, becoming a warm extension of your therapists palms. Submerge yourself into a state of reverie as the last jags of tension & stubborn knots melt away.      
60 minutes, (back, hips, legs, arms) 
90 minutes, (full body)

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