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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About TheraStone Massage 

Below are the answers to the questions that are most commonly asked about TheraStone Massage treatment. Should you have additional questions please feel free to contact Rina.

Question: "What is Hot Stone Massage?"

The technique combines massage with the application of heated &/or cold stones over the body. With TheraStone, the stones become extensions of the therapist's hands, almost "replacing" them. The massage experience takes on an entirely different feeling than general massage. The response during a relaxation treatment has been descibed as reverie or a "dream-like" state, floating in & out of consciousness.

Question: "What types of stones are used?"

Basalt lava stones are used due to their minerology & density. They are especially capable of retaining & conducting temperature, either hot or cold.

Question: "What are the therapeutic benefits of stone massage?"

Some of the benefits include: an increase in circulation & lymph flow; a lowered heart rate, therefore lower blood pressure; an increase in the release of endorphins; an decrease in muscle tension; helps to reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation (with the use of cold stones); assists in alleviating acute & chronic problems.

Question: "To what temperature are the stones heated?"

The stones are heated until the water that they are in settles between 110-130F. Temperature is variable in order to suit everyone's particular comfort levels.

Question: "When are cold stones used?"

Cold stones are only used when a person has a condition that would benefit from the use of cold, or to help stimulate a person at the end of a hot stone treatment. Cold or frozen stones are used to reduce inflammation to an injury & can be used in conjunction with hot stones to create a contrast effect to the circulation.

Question: "Can I receive a hot stone treatment if I have a health condition or am pregnant?"

You will need to consult wirh your therapist. Many health conditions benefit from hot stone massage. The treatment may need to be altered to better suit your needs & comfort. Its always advisable to speak to your family physician before trying a different type of treatment.

If you are pregnant and past your first trimester, are healthy, & free of complications, it is generally ok to recieve a hot stone massage. Temperatures & technique will be altered to make it comfortable & safe for you & your baby. It is always advisable to refer to your family physician before trying a different type of treatment.

Question: "What is the difference between traditional Hot Stone Massage & TheraStone Massage?"

To put it simply, it is the intent & basis of treatment. TheraStone Massage is not based on any spiritual ritual, nor does it invoke any body balancing (ie use of chakras), channeling or other such treatments that may presume "special" qualities or powers of the stones. TheraStone Massage focuses on the aspect of ultra relaxation and specific therapy. The end result of either the ultra relaxation or therapy specific massage is to elicit a therapeutic effect on a completely different level.